sexual abuse of women and men
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Anne Stephenson
Rev Anne Stephenson is offering ministry to any person affected by sexual abuse from Church Leaders.

The wolf in sheep's clothing is an old picture of the reality of confusing pastoral roles with sexual grooming. Because of the high level of trust offered to ministers of the Church, a sexual predator has not been easily understood or spotted.

The power to name and define events has been more often given to the offender and not to the victim.

Anne's ministry offers support and education to understand events and explore your spirituality. Each person has their own distinctive journey which is made dangerous with the projections, blaming and minimization of other parties. Gossip is unhelpful.

Anne's ministry will ensure support. Confidentiality is assured. Full and appropriate supervision will be upheld.

The aim of ministry is to return to being the beautiful person you are created to be.

Anne Stephenson
Anne has a strong faith in the Holy Spirit who has travelled with her and can in all confidence entrust others to this same spirit of God. We can be equipped and empowered for our journey which is often complex and confusing. We are not alone as we come to terms with our lives. If we travel well, we can return to being the person we were created to be and have always been, beautiful in the eyes of God who loves us.
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liberation from sexual abuse
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