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Anne Stephenson
Anne is a retired Methodist clergy person. She has developed an interest in sexual abuse amongst clergy from a clinical perspective as well as coming to grips with her own story.
Her faith has been strengthened as she has journeyed and been resourced along the way. She found she was now in a place of fullness, calm and peace and so can assure another that a peaceful heart can come.

A broader understanding can also assist towards forgiveness of the 'other' although this cannot be undertaken until the right time for you.

One of Anne's skills is the training to do 'Victim Impact statements' which could be offered to the parent church so that the issue of clergy sexual misconduct can be better understood. There is little written on this matter. This would only be offered if you consented.

When cause and consequence are brought together there is healing (for all).

Anne has three children and grandchildren which are her delight.

Anne's professional background: -
  • State Registered nurse with many years experience

  • Anne worked briefly in the Mental Health area in Tauranga in 2001 developing residential care for the elderly. This was for three months.

  • Graduate of a four year life and faith education course "Education for ministry"

  • Ordained a Deacon in the Methodist Church 1984

  • Worked in Hospital Chaplaincy. 18months.

  • Co-ordinator then Director on Industrial Chaplaincy- Waikato- 10 years

  • Ordained a Methodist Presbyter in 1996. Lth and Cert in Christian Ministry. 13 years in parish ministry.

  • Clinical Pastoral; Education – 2 units

  • Anne has supported sexual offenders and their families and has attended two courses on a/'sexual offenders in the community' (Whangarei) b/ one course for victims and their supporters (Wellington STOP) and has received sexual abuse counselling herself.

feeling alone after sexual abuse
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