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May Jesus Christ be with you to defend you, within you to keep you, before you to lead you, beside you to guard you, and above you to bless you.


Anne Stephenson
The effects of clergy sexual abuse are very subtle and it is worthwhile to bring them into awareness. If we discover the effects, we can then redress them. Appropriate referrals can be made.
What to expect:- A clear understanding of what happened is helpful to one so that one does not project onto others and one can begin healing. This would be aided by your perception of a ministry relationship being honoured so the breakdown of trust can be identified and owned.

An understanding of the dynamics of the other party can be helpful along with the awareness that the professional minister is responsible for their sexual boundaries.

Things that can be an issue after sexual abuse are - confusion, mind/ body dislocation, repression of memory of events, anxiety, fear, shame, broken relationships, post traumatic stress disorder, loss of faith.

A time of quiet after talking may assist you in hearing the spirit within you, guiding you to the next step. Prayer for healing also available.

If there is a desire to enter the Church process of complaint, it is expected that the appropriate Church will offer you support for their processes.

  sexual abuse ministry
Costs: -
  • $30 an hour for the unwaged.

  • $70 for the waged.

  • Sessions are for one to two hours maximum.

  • If travelling out of town, accommodation can be arranged.

healed from sexual abuse
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